Get to know the Employees and their favorite items!

Meet the employees:

  Terry: Terry is the owner of T&T.  He has owned this place for over 50 years.  Terry loves all animals and is very passionate about what goes in their tummies.  Terry believes pet food is very important and all animals deserve the best when it comes to food and other items.  Terry also has a dog named Leo who is his best pal.  In Terry's free time he gives Leo all the loves and likes to visit flea markets in surrounding cities.

  Sara: Sara is the manager of T&T.  She has worked here off and on since high school and became the manager in 2019.  Sara is very passionate about animals and thinks what we feed them is very important.  She wants the best for all animals and that starts with what the eat. Sara's not only passionate about animal food but animal rescuing too.  She fosters dogs at home and cats at the store.  She also has a dog of her own and helps the owner with his dog a lot.  In her free time, she enjoys being with her animals and her daughter!

  Makenna: Makenna has been at T&T for just over a year.  She has three adorable cats at home who are her whole life.  She is our go to cat gal and knows a lot about kidney disease in cats.  She can answer all the cat questions and dog too!  Fun fact she grew up with dogs, four small ones and will have her own one day but is waiting for the right time. 

  August:  August has been with us for about 4 months, he is our newest employee.  Although he is still learning the pet food information, he works very hard and likes to do the heavy lifting and dirty jobs.  He loves all animals but can't have any right now, he does take care of an outdoor, neighborhood kitty named Big Steve!  Big Steve is his buddy! 

 Kailey:  Kailey has been at the store for about a year and a half.  She is knowledgeable with cat and dog items.  She has cats and a dog of her own who are her world.   She is passionate about animal rescue and adopts senior cats so they can spend their remaining years in a warm and safe environment.  She is always positive and always comes in with a smile on her face! Fun fact, Kailey used to work in a huge animal shelter before coming here.  


Employees Favorite Items

 February 2023



Boxiecat is one of Kailey's favorite cat litters and items in the store.  She buys this cat litter every month and says it lasts forever!  Between her two cats she sees way less tracking issues and "has never found a liter that lasts this long."  She even got her co-worker Makenna buying it.



Primal goat milk is a favorite for many, but August likes it especially because of how beneficial it is.  August loves recommending this item because it has many antioxidants in it and is a major help when it comes to gut health.  Not only does it help with gut health but can help with extra hydration as well.  There are a variety of flavors.  August prefers the Green Goddess flavor because it's the perfect way for animals to hydrate and get some good veggies in their diet.  This product is also good for cats!



Under the Weather cat calming powder has been a life saver for Makenna's cat.  Makenna loves this product because it works so well, and her picky cat has no problems eating it.  All you do is mix the powder in wet food then the cat gobbles it up.  This powder is chicken flavor so it's hard for a cat to turn its nose to it.  Makenna loves natural items, and this is made with natural ingredients to calm your cat.  Under the Weather has tons of other products we carry for dogs too!



March 2023



August is a big fan of treats for chewers, he has a dog that he loves to test chews out with.  He particularly likes the redbarn collagen, braided chew.  The redbarn braided chew is a great chew for pups that go through treats instantly.  The braid is like two treats in one and the braided concept helps it lasts longer.  IT is also made from collagen so its good for the skin and easy to digest.  Redbarn also makes a variety of treats, most good for long term chwing. 







 Wondercide flea preventions are a favorite of Makenna's because she loves the natural aspect of it.  All of wondercides products are made from natural, essential oils that are safe for pets, humans, and all furniture.  It's a great alternative to chemically filled flea products and has been known to work very well!  They have sprays, collars, and spot treatments for cats and dogs!



 May 2023


August's most recent favorite is the Natural Cat Toy's Silver Vine Koi fish.  His new cat Jack loves to bunny kick and throw around his new fish. Silver vine is a great catnip alternative as not all cats react to catnip. 



Feliway diffusers are a great option for cats who are struggling behaviorally.  The diffusers can help with inappropriate peeing, introducing new cats, anxiety, and more! Makenna loves hers as it helps with one of her older cat's anxiety. She replaces it monthly and has seen great results with her cat being more comfortable in the house.



Wellness's Chicken and Herring Pate has been a huge hit with both of Kailey's finicky senior cats. With meat and liver as the first couple ingredients, this food has great palatability! It also has ground flaxseed, carrots, and cranberries which are great sources of omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants.