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Naturally Fresh Multi Cat Alpine Meadow


Naturally Fresh Alpine Meadow Scent multi-Cat Clumping Cat litter is an eco-friendly, clumping litter made from all-natural walnut shells. Walnut shells have the unique ability to control ammonia odors, meaning Naturally Fresh neutralizes odors organically without relying on harsh perfumes. Naturally Fresh is sustainable, non-toxic, and free of harmful silica dust. All Natural & Biodegradable Virtually Dust-Free and Low Tracking Proven Odor Control with a Fresh Scent Homegrown in the USA Clay Free, Corn Free, Grain Free For Households that Demand Maximum Odor Control for Their Litter.

  • - Made from all-natural walnut shells, this eco-friendly litter neutralizes odors better than clay, pine, corn, and wheat litters
  • - This formula is for families who prefer a natural litter without overbearing perfumes. Contains a unique blend of herbs and botanicals that provide a fresh and light scent
  • - Virtually dust-free means you and your cat can breathe easier in your home, and makes this litter safer for pets or owners with respiratory problems
  • - It's biodegradable, sustainable, and annually renewable - so it's good for your cat and good for the planet
  • - A low-tracking material means your cat won't track litter and bacteria through your home
  • - Eco-Responsible - Solar Produced

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