T&T's Philanthropic Mission

T&T has always been a big supporter of local shelters and animal welfare organizations in need of food, supplies or financial donations. But making a donation to help the cause simply no longer felt like enough of an impact. So, T&T has committed to supporting one of the neediest shelters in a 2-hour radius of Bloomington. The shelter is the Crawford County Humane Society in Robinson, IL. CCHS functions solely off past grant money and operates with the narrowest margins possible. The shelter is filled with hard-working, committed and loyal staff who are fulfilling a major need for Crawford County residents. Unfortunately, this shelter has an overabundance of cats. They have taken all of the necessary steps to get the cat population under control. But cat adoptions are slow, and when a shelter has 250+ cats, it is hard to dig out of the hole. T&T has paired with the Crawford County Humane Society to begin fostering cats within the T&T store location. In the future, T&T hopes to support adoption days with the shelter and we plan to continue to take regular supply donations to the Crawford County shelter. This is one small step toward helping a needy shelter that is supporting a great cause.





Current Foster Cats for Adoption (March 2023)





Cats that have been adopted!!!!!


 Funyon and Cheeto (January 27th) 

Funyon is the little black kitty, she is very sweet!  Funyon is still on the shy side and humans still make her a bit nervous but once she warms up to you, she is a very cuddly, sweet cat. Funyon is about 10 weeks and ready for her forever home. 

Cheeto is the little tabby cat.  She wants all the attention and pets.  She loves human affection and cuddles.  She is about 10 weeks old and ready for her forever home too!  

Both are getting used to dogs still and do well with ither cats.  They are $100 each cash or check, this comes with them being fixed, updated on vaccines, dewormed and flea treated. 


   Flour and Sugar (January 27th)

Flour is a super playful and sweet kitty.  He loves attention but also loves playtime all the time! He is about 22 weeks old and ready to find his forever family.  He does have white cat syndrome, his eyes are a little runny and he has constant sniffles, however he has been on many antibiotics and is healthy other than the sniffles.  Most white animals especially cats have runny eyes and noses, it is common, and they just require more attention than other animals. 

Sugar is the sweetest!  He loves snuggles and will just curl up in your arms and sleep.  He is the cuddliest kitten we have.  He is looking for someone he can take all the naps with! Sugar is 22 weeks old and does have a few health issues that will require some money to be put into and more vet care than most. If interested, we will give you all the information you may need about him and his health. He is so worth it though! 

Both cats do good with dogs and cats.  They are $100 each cash or check, this comes with them being fixed, updated on vaccines, dewormed, and updated flea treatment. 





Powder: Powder is a very affectionate and sweet kitty.  She will follow you for pets and chirps when she feels she isn't getting adequate enough attention.  She is the perfect lap kitty and would love to cuddle you forever!  Powder is 14 years YOUNG and doesn't let that stop her.  She still walks and jumps like she's middle aged.  We got Powder in November, which is adopt a senior month, so her adoption fee has been covered.  Come on in and meet this beauty.  ADOPTED!!




Pepita, Moose and Mira: This mom and her babies are looking for their forever homes. Pepita is very affectionate and loving cat.  She meows for pets and wants all the cuddles. She is ready to retire from the mom life to finally be a kitten herself.  She has been outdoors for about two years and is ready to finally relax and put her guard down. 

Moose is a cuddly and playful kitten.  He loves to explore and play with his toys, especially the catnip filled ones. He was the first of the three to explore the store with a confident attitude.  

Mira is still a bit shy and still trying to figure out the indoor life.  She loves to play with her toys and once she realizes human hands aren't scary, she'll ask for all the pets.  In her free time, she naps and follows her brother around.  

Mira and Moose have been through a lot together.  They are best buds and would love to go home together.  Ideally, we would adopt them out as a bonded pair but understand that can be a lot to commit to.  As long as they go to safe and loving homes that is all the matters.  

All three seem to tolerate dogs and other cats.  The kittens will easily warm up to other animals at their young age.  Mamma cat may take a bit longer to warm up to other animals but will eventually do so.  She is used to adapting a lot because of her outdoor living. These cats are fosters through Pets Alive and their fee is $100 each cash or check ONLY!!  All have been ADOPTED!!!






Speedy: Speedy is a rambunctious, friendly kitty.  He loves to play and lives up to his name as he is very fast in all he does.  He is also very sweet and demands cuddles. He does great with other cats and dogs.  He is ready to speed into someones heart and join their family. 

Speedy is a foster for Pets Alive so his adoption fee is currently $100 cash or check only.  ADOPTED!!!



Rickie: Rickie is an adorable and loving guy.  He is 10 weeks old and loves to play.  His favorite past time is playing and cuddling with his brother.  He seems to do okay with other dogs and cats. He is young enough to easily adjust to living with other animals as well. He has come so far since being with us and has warmed up to us very quickly. He is ready to find his forever family to play and cuddle with.

 Rickie is a foster for pets alive so his adoption fee is currently $100 cash or check only.  ADOPTED!!


Freddie: Freddie is a curious and rambunctious kitten. He is very playful and at 10 weeks old he is ready to take on the world.  He does great with other cats and has been very curious about dogs in the store.  He is young enough to easily adjust to other animals in the house.  He will be the best play buddy and cuddle partner around.  Come on in and say hi to Fred man.  Freddie is a foster for pets alive so his adoption fee is currently $100 cash or check only. ADOPTED!!!


Clover(1 year 9 months): Clover is a very sweet and petite kitty. She loves to play with her friend ace, all the toys, and every kid that comes in.  She does great with cats, dogs, and children.  She is still a little timid and gets scared when you walk by her or up to her at a fast pace.  She just needs some patience and someone who doesn't mind bending down to her level.  She is ready to be scooped up and taken to her forever home!  Adopted Aug 2022


Ace(1 year)Ace is a cuddly ball of fun.  He loves to play and steal any treats he can find.  He doesn't mind cuddle time and even enjoys being held like a baby.  He does great with cats and kids.  Ace seems to be a little feisty with dogs, however we believe it is only because he is overwhelmed by all the different dogs in and out everyday. He loves our owners dog who consistently visits. Ace also does come with some minor health issues.  He has a weaker immune system which causes him to get sick easily.  He seems to suffer more with congestion, sneezing, and goopy eyes but has done great for the past two months.  These symptoms seem to appear when he is under stressful conditions and will unfortunately be a life long issue. Ace is more then ready for his forever person to scoop him up and give him cuddles for life. ADOPTED Jul 2022

** Adoption Fees of $75 will be Donated to Crawford County Humane Society!

** Come in store to fill out adoption papers, get more information, and meet the cats!

** All cats come fixed, chipped, updated rabies vaccine, flea treatment and dewormer. 


Past Foster Cats

Hello- Our shy and loving 3 year old cat is up for ADOPTION!! Her name is Hello. She has been spayed and dewormed. She loves people, but is a little shy with children. Hello would fit in perfectly to a calm, loving household. Come in and meet her!  Adopted!!!

Noel- Noel is 9 months old with a very loving and playful attitude. She is great with children and good with dogs. She has also been spayed and dewormed! If you are looking for a cat that loves everyone, come and see her!  Adopted!!

Lucas- At around 5-6 years old, Lucas is a calm yet cuddly cat. He loves his food and his people! He is amazing with all cats, dogs, kids, and adults. He is nuetered, dewormed, microchipped, vaccinated, and is ready for a home. At his recent vet appointment, he has been cleared for adoption. Come check out this charmer.He became a permanent resident with us and unfortunately passed away.  He was loved until his last day and is still missed.

Meet Miss Animal and her 5 lovely kittens....

In a continued partnership with the Crawford County Humane Society, T&T will be fostering a mother cat and her liter of 5 kittens.
Miss Animal (the mother cat), is nearly a kitten herself with an estimated age of less than 9 months. Miss Animal is an elegant and easygoing mother that has done a great job of adjusting to her temporary foster home and many foster siblings.
The litter of kittens are approximately 8 weeks old, comprising of 3 sweet girls and 2 darling boys. Each kitten comes with a unique and outgoing personality. They love exploring the new and interesting world, cuddling together and getting human attention. The kittens and mother will slowly be transitioned to T&T in the upcoming weeks as spay/neuter and vaccinations are completed. - ADOPTED Jan-March 2020


Meet Marcus a 1.5 year old, 12lb Maine Coon mix that is so full of love that he rarely stops kneading, even in his sleep! Marcus is amazing at adapting to other cats and dogs and loves human attention. Marcus was picked up as a stray by our friends and partners at Crawford County Humane Association. Marcus is still learning how to play with toys, but he falls in love with anyone willing to give him some TLC! Marcus would be ideal for any family in need of a big, easy going lap cat. We can't wait for his forever family to find him, and fall in love with him like we have! - ADOPTED JAN 2019

Meet Sophie, a 2 year old tortoiseshell. She is a loving girl that is in need of some grooming TLC. She has a great personality and gets along well with other cats and dogs. She enjoys talking and will snuggle up in your arms. Come into T&T and meet this beautiful little gal! - ADOPTED NOV 2019